Those who can’t keep up

On the broad topic of sustainability leadership, two themes come to mind: Much like the definition of sustainability itself, the definition of sustainability leadership has evolved and will continue to evolve. Time and time again we’re told (and research shows) that sustainability program are more effective with strong leadership at the top. While this is […]

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Changing behaviours in the name of sustainability or Ebenezer Scrooge?

Shifting gears here on the ‘It’s the little things’ blog. I had previously bounced around ideas on what, within sustainability, has the most potential for impact. As prompted by my Cambridge program, I will now follow more closely with the themes given in our curriculum. This blog therefore focuses on the theme of sustainable consumption […]

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Lucky Stars

Do you ever feel like you don’t count your lucky stars enough? And even when you do, you still take them for granted? I know I sure do. I struggle with this each and every day. I wake up in a beautiful house, in a beautiful city with a (yes, beautiful) partner lying next to […]

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Walking a thin line

Hopefully, I am making a comeback. I fell a few blogs short, so here’s my best attempt at filling in the gaps. Per the usual inspiration for this blog, I’ll reflect on comments from others that closely relate to the topic of this blog – making the biggest difference in sustainability. I had someone ask […]

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Is a ‘bigger’ and ‘greater’ sustainability impact even the right aim?

Admittedly, I’ve not nailed the concept of where the greatest difference in sustainability can be made since my last post in November. Darn it, the journey continues! What I would like to share today revolves around experiences over the last few weeks that contribute to my views on this topic. Firstly, I had good friend […]

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